The most important fact about us is what our customers think about us. Below are some quotations from our current customers regarding our company and products:

“...using CSoft's megaTrak product gave us a 3000% ROI in the first 2 years of use...”
Alvin and Co.

“...megaTrak has not only increased our ability to track order fulfillment but has helped us reach 99.9% shipping accuracy...”
Dioptics Inc.

“...megaTrak helped us streamline our operations as well as improve our bin accuracy levels...”
New England Ropes

CSoft is currently in process of building customer case studies and will have those available soon.

Customer Case Studies

CSoft is committed to being the premier pick, pack and ship system provider for companies needing supreme flexibility and scalability in their operations.  Read our Corporate Mission to get a better idea of what we strive to do as your supply chain system provider.

CSoft Corporation has a rich history that led us to building a unique software "engine" approach. Previous to starting CSoft, our team mostly came from the large Tier-1 systems consulting market and saw a growing need in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets for the same power and flexibility offered at the Fortune 500 company level but at an affordable price for software and services. We know your business is no less complex and that's why we created our VSE technology to bring flexibility and power to your business...

Read more about CSoft's History

At CSoft, we are more than a software company. It is our goal to partner with you and your business to meet your supply chain tracking needs and not just sell you a piece of software. We believe in working with you as the customer, finding out what your needs are and delivering your solution. Because our software can flex with your needs it puts CSoft in a unique position to deliver a solution that fits your business.

We also have a great sales and customer service team
We welcome Carl Vitale, the new head of our sales and marketing team to head up both our direct sales and channel marketing efforts.