At CSoft, we believe in being much more than a software company...we believe that understanding your needs as a customer and then applying our solutions to those needs is what sets us apart. World-class service and support are what makes a software company desirable to work with, and in the end, delivers a successful implementation. Read about our 7-Step Methodology to give you an overview of how we will manage your project all the way to implementation.

The first step of any potential project is engaging with you, the customer.
At this point we attempt to understand a little about your business and make the determination together if our products fit your business environment. If so, we will proceed with an online demonstration and quotation. Below are 2 sample quotes for both a megaTrak and QwikTrak Warehouse Management System.

Sample qwikTrak™ Quotation. Click on the link below for a sample quote.

Sample Quotation

Sample megaTrak™ Quotation. Click on the link below for a sample quote.

Sample Quotation

Phase 1, and priority #1, of any successful project is setting up a solid project plan and team
Right away, we come for an initial site visit, survey your operation and have a "Project Kickstart" meeting where we establish roles and responsibilities of your software project.

In Phase 2,3 and 4 we focus on the design of your implementation. We gather your requirements, document them and engage in the design process.

Phases 5,6 and 7 are when we implement your solution. First we complete the configuration for your solution, then test, then install the system as well as train your users onsite.

Ongoing Support