CSoft is launching it's partner program in Q3 of 2013. We have taken the first steps to developing our channel and are going to be releasing the full program very soon.

This page will discuss the benefits of being a CSoft partner.

Once you are a partner, we will provide you with online training to properly install, train users and support CSoft applications.

Partner Training Program

Being a channel-focused company, CSoft is very excited about it's current partners as well as building relationships with new partners. We have listed a few of our current partners below. We will be expanding this list as we open up our partner training in Q3 of 2013.

Disaster Management Solutions
Disaster Management Solutions has been our most active partner. They have been reselling CSoft Solutions for four years and have implemented dozens of customers. DMS serves the health services market specifically.

CSoft has a direct relationship with SYSPRO as the vendor of choice for Warehouse Management Systems. CSoft started it's relationship with SYSPRO in 2003 and worked directly with SYSPRO's development team to develop a real time interface with SYSPRO's e.net Solutions. CSoft released it's configurable "wrapper" around the e.net interface in 2005 and has been continually adding configuration features. CSoft has the largest install base of full Warehouse Management Systems in the SYSPRO marketplace and continues to add sites.

Operations Resource Group
Our newest partner, Operations Resource Group, was very instrumental in bringing CSoft to the SYSPRO market as well as helping introduce us to SYSPRO itself. CSoft is now the largest provider of Warehouse Management Systems for SYSPRO US.

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There are different flavors of our partnering program that are explained in each link. Currently, the information is very high level.