Corporate History Timeline

  • CSoft founded in 1996
  • CSoft identified need for configurable software
  • CSoft released product in 2001
  • CSoft incorporated in 2002
  • CSoft completed ERP integration engine 2007
  • CSoft started reseller channel in 2007

Technology Highlights

  • Started VSE development in 1996
  • Completed VSE Desktop in 2001
  • Completed VSE Mobile in 2003
  • Completed SYSPRO interface in 2006
  • Completed Intuit QB Interface in 2012
  • Completed VSE 3.0, megaWare 3.0 and qwikWare 3.0 in 2012

CSoft Corporate History

CSoft corporation was founded in 1996 to meet the needs of customers with highly complex environments but not a budget to purchase a "Tier-1" ERP systems such as Oracle Financials or SAP. Our aim was to bring large system flexibility and functionality to more than Fortune 500 companies. CSoft stands for "Configurable Software", which is our "claim to fame". We know that no two warehouse / shipping operations are the same and don't need to write lots of custom software to meet the requirements of each customer.

CSoft released it's product in 2001 (after beta test), then incorporated in 2002. Other highlights include becoming a SYSPRO partner in 2004 and completing our first round of integrations with SYSPRO Impact ERP software in 2005. In 2007, CSoft started it's partner channel which continues to grow every month.

CSoft Technology Timeline

CSoft's engine technology, or Vertical Software Engine (VSE) was started in 1996. CSoft has never taken a "traditional" approach to creating software and has instead created a flexible platform that focuses on Supply Chain applications. CSoft released it's first version of VSE™ for the PC in 2001 following up with VSE™ Mobile in 2003 using the Wavelink Studio Engine as a communications platform. This has given us supreme flexibility for customers to leverage current hardware purchases that are not all based on a .NET CF platform. Currently, CSoft is working on a .NET Compact Framework version for the Mobile computers which will be released at the end of Q2 in 2013.

CSoft also has built an integration engine that allows the configuration of interfaces to ERP systems such as SYPSRO Impact ERP. That particular integration was done using the Microsoft .NET framework along with the SYSPRO Solutions objects.

Recently, Csoft finished it's VSE 3.0 Engine and has releaseed megaTrak WMS 3.0, megaTrak TMS 3.0 and megaTrak MES 3.0, along with qwikWare WMS for smaller warehouses. qwikWare 3.0 can work both with SYSRPO and Intuit Quickbooks.