Mission Highlights

  • Server our customers with integrity
  • Provide great customer service and support
  • Partner with our customer long term to help solve their supply chain needs
  • Provide flexible, configurable and scalable software
  • Make supply chain operations a competitive advantage
  • Grow with your business.
  • Continuously improve to meet our customers' needs

ROI Highlights

  • Our Price per function unmatched
  • Our products drive accuracy to inventory, production and shipping
  • Our product drive process improvement
  • Our products improve customer service
  • Our implementation methodology provides a working project framework
  • Our configurabililty provices a low cost of ownership for IT

Csoft Mission Statement

First and foremost, Csoft is a software company that serves it's customers with the utmost of integrity. Our customers know we are "a company of  our word" and deliver the  promised solution to our customers that exceeds expectations. 

Csoft Corporation's Mission is to deliver most flexible, configurable, scalable and affordable software in the supply chain / automatic   identification market. With that solution we also strive to deliver world-class customer service and support for customers utilizing our solutions. It is our goal for companies that purchase our products that we build long-lasting relationships of continual software and process improvement to meet your warehouse, shipping and supply chain software needs.

With that in mind, Csoft strives to be more than a software company to our customers. Our desire is to be a long-term partner with you in solving your supply chain needs by helping you with continual software and process improvements to grow with your company's evolving business. We realize that no company's operations will stay constant and you need a technology partner that can grow and flex with their business needs.  We feel that no one does that better than Csoft due to our customer service focus as well as our unique engine approach to software through our VSE™ technology.

Return on Investment

Many software companies simply try to sell you software products but make a difference at your company. Many companies sell software on the basis of "features"...and even though our products are feature-rich we highlight the improvement in your operations, customer service and accuracy as our selling points. In our opinion, software has to bring a true return to the "bottom line" as well as several "intangibles" such as improved customer service in general. While no one can match our "price per function" ratio, our engine approach also brings a fresh perspective to the supply chain software market.

This can only happen if the tools used in the process have the ability to "flex" with an organization as it grows and changes. We usually return the full cost of the software within 6-9 months of installation and that return almost always exceeds expectations. That is due to our unique "engine" approach that has the ability to mold with your operations and our 7-Step Methodology of software implementation. With a solid product and project management guidance to the implementation we also add world-class ongoing support.

In addition to the operations return on investment, there is a return for the IT department in that programming is not required to make changes and updates to the system. Our VSE™ technology limits the amount of support needed as well as increases the amount of things that your IT organization can do to configure the system. We offer assistance to all of our customers but also offer a path to where our customers can make many of the updates and changes needed to the system themselves.