Jay O'Donnell, CTO and Lead Developer

Jay comes to CSoft with over 20 years of experience in the automatic identification field. career as an IT Professional started in 1987, when he was pursuing an M.S. of Computer Science while simultaneously serving in Sales and Internal Support for Input Automation, Inc. Over his many years with Input Automation, Inc. Mr. O’Donnell worked his way up from Sales and Support to Chief Technology Officer, then ultimately President and Co-Owner. 

Jay's accomplishments at Input Automation were: the development of the company's flagship software, TotalPackage and OnTrak...many of these implementations are still running after 10 years of daily use. He implemented over 100 deployments of InputAutomation’s Software Solutions to clients such as the Navy Seals, PETCO, and Patton State Hospital. Worked with a variety of rugged portable devices. Jay also developed extensive knowledge of auto-identification technologies (barcode and radio frequency) by Orchestrating a move into services and away from an ever diminishing hardware margins business, allowing the company to remain viable and profitable to this day.

Kevin Garlick, Lead Infrastructure Tech

Kevin brings over 20 years of IT and networking experience to CSoft. Kevin has installed and overseen hundreds of network and wireless installations in his career as well as experience with software installations so he brings vast experience to our implementation process when architecting a wireless network.