Vision Highlights

  • Produce the best Supply Chain Technology Platform
  • Become the market leader for Pick, Pack and Ship software providers
  • Become the market leader in ERP and Accounting system Interfaces
  • Produce the most configurable supply chain software on the market
  • Become the leader in "Best of Breed" software for Warehouse Management Software
  • Become the leader in "Best of Breed" software for Transportation Management Software

The Csoft Technology Pledge

  • We will provide the most configurable platform.
  • We will provide the most scalable platform.
  • We will provide IT with the most supportable platform.
  • We will stay up to date with changing technologies

Csoft Corporation Vision

If a technology platform does not stay on the "cutting edge" of information technology it quickly becomes obsolete. That is not to say that our vision is to be changing your software at every   technology turn, it simply means that we keep up with the new technologies and stay current. Nothing can replace "tried and true" software, but it must also stay current. Because Csoft's VSE™ platform is already bringing a new look at the supply chain market in terms of flexibility, it is built into our corporate fabric to stay on the cutting edge without sacrificing stability.

We at Csoft realize that to stay viable in any industry you need to strive to lead. We want our customers to know we are re-investing constantly in our business and technology to become the market leader in Pick, Pack and Ship software providers. We as well as be the leader in the "Best of Breed" Warehouse Management and Transportation Management Software.

The Csoft Technology Pledge

We know to become the market leader in our chosen field we need to provide our customers with true competitive advantage as a result of using our products. To do this we pledge at Csoft to be in cycle of continuous improvement of our products through several avenues.

First, we pledge to provide the most configurable and flexible software platform on the market through our VSE™ technology. We refer to this as the VSE™ Advantage. Second, we will provide our customers with the most scalable platform, giving our customers a practical upgrade path as your business grows in needs. Third, we will provide your Information Technology team / department with the most supportable platform you can have in Supply Chain. Last, we pledge to stay up to date with the changing technology world by providing regular updates to our software while keeping our platform stable with each release.