megaTrak TMS™ Highlights

  • Supports Multiple Mobile Platforms
  • Highly Configurable Business Rules
  • Customizable Labels
  • Customizable Reports
  • Customizable ERP Integration Engine
  • Customizable Mobile Computing Engine
  • Customizable PC Forms

megaTrak TMS™ Features

  • Rate Table Management
  • Container Tracking
  • Pallet and Package Tracking with license plating and contents
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Pallet Configurations
  • Shipment Consolidation
  • Manage LTL Shipments and Pro Numbers
  • BOL and Shipping Documents
  • Manage internal fleet
  • Shipping Alerts
  • Shipping Labels
  • EDI Interfaces

megaTrak™ TMS Product Description

megaTrak™ TMS is an extremely flexible, configurable and scalable Transporation Management System (TMS) that integrates with Motorola, iOS and Windows Mobile devices in both batch and radio-frequency configurations. With megaTrak TMS™ you can manage your  entire shipping process from the time the items are picked and packed all the way to the destination. megaTrak TMS™ supports all of the basic carriers as well as Distribution Center management: UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, LTL and FTL carriers. In addition, megaTrak TMS™ supports optimized picking, packing, Bills of Lading, guided staging, ship verification and pallet tracking. And since megaTrak TMS™ connects to most popular accounting systems, all of the information generated at the shipping station is automatically updated to the accounting system. megaTrak TMS™ also tightly integrates with megaTrak™, Csoft's Warehouse Management System for complete product pick, pack and ship order fulfillment capabilities.

megaTrak TMS™ Features

megaTrak TMS™ supports rate table management, providing ability to enter rates for multiple carriers and do basic rate shopping. This feature will be available in Q3 of 2014.

megaTrak TMS™ provides container tracking, both inbound and outbound, pallet tracking and package tracking. megaTrak TMS™ is setup to handle a full hierarchy of tracking: packages exist inside pallets, pallets exist inside containers. In this setup, license plating can tracked for each container, pallet and package. This is a natural extension from megaTrak™ (Csoft's WMS) where the contents of packages, pallets and containers are built through picking, packing and staging.

megaTrak TMS™ can also track shipments through the freight vendor's website, or by providing the tracking numbers on documents sent to the customer, or through a customer web portal.

megaTrak TMS™ has an integration engine that can communicate with any freight provider with a web-service architecture so Pro Numbers can be downloaded as needed. Those Pro numbers can be attached to individual shipments and transactions much like a tracking number would be received from a "small box" carrier such as UPS or FedEx. In addition to tracking information, Bill of Ladings and shipping documents can be created automatically through transactions or manually. megaTrak TMS™ support a full Vic's Bill of Lading number and document format that is customizable for each customer.

megaTrak TMS™ can manage your internal fleet by tracking truck numbers and basic routes.

megaTrak TMS™ can send both internal and external email alerts to customers when shipments leave the doc or are in route.

megaTrak TMS™ interfaces to EDI systems either directly through a supported interface or by passing flat files. This also includes shipping labels for both EDI and non-EDI shipments, such as UCC-128 labels.

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megaTrak TMS™ Product Information