megaTrak MES™ Highlights

  • Supports Multiple Mobile Platforms
  • Highly Configurable Business Rules
  • Customizable Labels
  • Customizable Reports
  • Customizable ERP Integration Engine
  • Customizable Mobile Computing Engine
  • Customizable PC Forms

megaTrak MES™ Features

  • Full WIP Tracking
  • Job Receipts
  • Job Issues and Specific Issues
  • Directed Picking of Raw Materials
  • Material Movement in WIP
  • Lot and Serial Tracking
  • Palletizing of Finished Goods
  • Finished Good Labeling
  • Labor Tracking
  • Kiosk Entry Options
  • Automated Interfaces
  • RFID Employee Cards

megaTrak MES™ Product Description

megaTrak MES™ (Manufacturing Execution System) is an extremely configurable, robust and scalable Shop Floor Data Collection platform that integrates with Symbol and Windows Mobile devices in batch, radio-frequency and RFID configurations. With megaTrak MES™ you can track labor, track manufacturing jobs, light assembly, WIP locations, and feed the resulting information to the WMS and ERP system. megaTrak MES™ supports all of the basic transactions in for tracking Work in Progress (WIP) in the warehouse: Job  Issues, Labor tracking, Issues to work centers, WIP Movements, and Assembly transactions while providing a detailed transaction history log for reporting and traceability. In addition, megaTrak MES™ supports kiosk-style entry for entering shop floor data. And since megaTrak MES™ connects to most popular ERP and accounting systems, all of the information generated at the warehouse is automatically updated to the accounting system through our scheduler, megaSched™. megaTrak MES™ is a nice addition to megaTrak to provide end-to-end shop floor data collection.

megaTrak MES™ Features

megaTrak MES™ provides end to end WIP tracking that communicates with your EPR and/or accounting system. megaTrak MES™ is designed to be shop floor data collection program that "front-ends" ERP and WMS data, but it also provides business logic for material flow and raw picking logic.

megaTrak MES™ provides the ability to receive finished goods into inventory as a result of a backflush or an Assembly Job setup in the system. This is usually location based so the flow of material can be tracked.

megaTrak MES™ provides the ability (both on a Mobile Computer and the PC) to issue material directly to a Work Order / Job according to what the Bill of Materials (BOM) is calling for. There is also the ability to issue raw goods to a Job that is not on the BOM through Specific Issues.

megaTrak MES™ can be setup to direct pickers to pick discreet work orders, wave pick and/or batch pick raw goods. This can be done in a directed picking fashion as well as other non-directed picking options. Also available is to bulk stage material for finished good production.

megaTrak MES™ tracks all material movement in WIP and provides a detailed transaction log of all raw good movements, finished good transactions and backflush transactions.

megaTrak MES™ can accept Lot and Serial numbers at the raw goods level for consumption as well as create a finished good lot / serial number once the finished goods are produced. This can be automated for ranges of serial numbers and/or using date codes for lot numbers, such as Julian date lot numbering schemes.

megaTrak MES™ can palletize finished goods as they are produced by creating pallet license plates. As each finished case and/or item comes from manufacturing is placed on the pallet the license plate is recorded, thus creating a pallet contents as a result of the transaction. In addition, basic pallet configurations can be setup so users are warned when pallet quantities are getting full for that configuration.

megaTrak MES™ creates finished good labels for pallets, items, etc. that can be created automatically as transactions are posted.

megaTrak MES™ has labor entry screens on both Mobile Computers and the PC through a Kiosk-style entry setup. As for recording labor, megaTrak MES™ also provides RFID cards for scanning in and out of Jobs (Available Q3, 2008)

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megaTrak MES™ Product Information