megaWare™ Configurability...

megaTrak™ is the most configurable WMS currently on the market because it is built on the megaWare™ Application Engine technology, which is our Vertical Software Engine (VSE™) technology. There are three types of configurability within the system: Implementation Configurability, Application Configurability and Business Rule Configurability. Implementation Configurability provides a "starting point" or "pre-configuration" for the installation. There are several basic warehouse configurations: Distribution, Manufacturing, Dist. / Manufacturing Mix and Consignment / Services. Application Configurability allows the changing of how the application works and Business Configurability allows the changing of the business rules within the system. There are over 200 tables and 2500 configuration fields included in the configuration database that controls the how the application works and how the business rules are applied. Normally, the vendor is responsible for these and all other changes made to the application, but with VSE™, customers can learn to do their own configuration additions, changes and updates. This lowers the “Total Cost of Ownership” for customers who can learn the configuration tool and apply it to the application.

megaWare™ Scalability...

megaWare™ scales in three different ways: providing an application upgrade path for both features and size, database backend type and transaction volume. As for the upgrade path, if you want to start smaller in the WMS arena, you can start with our WMS starter product, qwikTrak™ from the qwikWare™ product line. In addition, we can tailor fit our megaWare™ product line to meet your needs as well through different modules so you don't buy more than you need. We can also phase the purchasing of modules and/or functions if you want to grow into a full WMS.

As for database scalability, the megaWare™ engine is built on Microsoft SQL Server technnlogy. megaWare™ uses the latest in object technology (ADO/ADO.NET/Native SQL) to access each database version. The version of SQL supported are: SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL 2008, SQL 2008R2, SQL 2012 and SQL Compact for Hand Helds and Mobile computers.

As for transaction scalability, there are many configuration options that can be accessed in the implementation that will give allow us to hone your transaction set and business logic to best scale for your operation. We can also use many hardware / network configurations with our server product, megaTrak™ Server, so you can offload processing of transactions for true SOA computing benefits. megaWare can be configured in a traditional client/server environment or true SOA with Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

megaWare™ Affordability

megaWare™ products bring Tier-1 level system configurability and functionality to the Tier-2 and Tier-3 system market...and for Tier-2 and Tier-3 prices. There is not another application suite in the supply chain market that offers the "price-per-function" ratio like megaWare™ products do. In addition, the cost of ownership is lower for Information Technology groups because support and software changes do not require programming changes. The only items on a project that require programming are done in the VSE™ engine itself, leaving the business rule specific configuration to trained resellers and IT staff. The ROI on a megaTrak™ can, and has, reached upwards to 3000% for a 9-24 month period due to the cost benefits of both operations and IT support.