megaTrak™ Warehouse Management System (WMS)

megaTrak WMS™ is our Warehouse Management System (WMS) for those who have more complex, high-volume warehouse needs. megaTrak™ gives supreme configurability through our VSE™ Engine without sacrificing ease of use and scalability as your organization grows and changes with your market. megaTrak™ is much more than a "barcode system" offers organizations a flexible platform to grow with your organization. megaTrak™ is designed to drive process improvement, inventory accuracy and improvement in order fulfillment speed and accuracy. There are three different flavors of megaTrak™, each flavor with increasing functionality, so you only pay for what you need to do in your warehouse. If you are looking for a powerful, flexible, robust WMS package, take a look into our link below for more information about megaTrak™.

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megaTrak™ Transportation Management System (TMS)

megaTrak TMS™ is our Freight Management System that provides tracking information, shipping documents and interfaces to existing freight systems such as UPS, FedEx and DHL. megaFreight™ also provides freight cost tables for recording of LTL and FTL freight vendors as well as the ability to capture Pro, seal and BOL information. One of the documents we provide in megaFreight™ is a VICS Bill of Lading document that can be "auto-created" as part of a transaction or generated by the information on a pick / order.

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megaTrak™ Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

megaTrak MES™ is our shop floor data collection system that provides both Kiosk-style entry and hand-held barcode scanning for production and labor collection. In addition, megaTrak MES provides a configurable interface to collect machine entry on the shop floor and RFID transaction capabilities.  In our next release we are providing time clock functionality that provides users with Kisok time clock functionality for Shop Floor processing.

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megaTrak™ Configuration Tool (Available in Q4, 2013)

megaTrak Configuration Tool™ is our system configuration tool that allows system administrators and select users configure megaWare™ products to meet business rule configuration needs as well as application logic changes. The configuration ability in megaWare™ products is a full version of configuration toolset that allows system administrators and select super-users to configure business rules, application logic, screens and fields for the PC application, screens and fields for the Hand-Held application, reports, queries, labels and data entry forms. For those customers needing ultimate configurability, the megaTrak™ Configuration Tool is the module of choice

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megaTrak™ Mobile (Available in Q4, 2013)

megaTrak Mobile™ is our new mobile client that will be used alongside our longtime hand-held client of WaveLink.  This will be a true Windows application  that will run in Windows Mobile and utilize new Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for remote and local communication.  In addition, we will be adding Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android support for megaServer remote control, mobile inventory and mobile reporting for megaWare applications.  In addition, the megaTrak Configuation Tool™ will be updated with a graphical hand-held configurator to assist in hand-held query and form configuration.

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megaTrak™ Labor Management System (LMS) (Available in Q4, 2013)

megaTrak LMS™ is our labor management and reporting system.   megaTrak LMS provides functionality to plan shop floor and warehouse labor, schedule labor to tasks, track transactions and report peformance.  In addition, the user can enter "labor standards" for each task to provide metrics on performance.  Dashboards are available to track who is doing which tasks and where they are in each process.

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