Basic Warehouse Management

  • Not overly complex configuration
  • Basic Inventory Transactions
  • Serial, Lot and License Plate Tracking
  • Basic Freight Links
  • Static Pick Logic
  • Fairly static business rules
  • Configurable Reports, Queries, Labels
  • Upgrade Options
  • Fast Implementation with preconfigured installations

Advanced Warehouse Management

  • Advanced Configuration Capabilities in VSE™
  • Full Transaction Capabilities
  • Shop Floor Capabilties
  • Freight Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Configurable Data Links
  • Configurable Replenishment, Picking and Packing
  • Advanced Lot Traceability
  • Fast Implementation with modifyable preconfigured installations

Advanced Warehouse Management Needs

For those customers needing to do more extensive tracking in the warehouse and/or have more process control needs, megaWare™ modules offer more advanced capabilities than qwikWare™. Warehouse management is much more than simply collecting data through barcode and/or RFID devices, it is a mindset of continuous process improvement, inventory controls, accuracy and data visibility. If you are simply looking for basic transaction sets in the warehouse with basic controls and reporting, our qwikTrak™ WMS would be a great product to get you stared along the path of Warehouse Management Systems. If you are looking for more advanced tracking capabilities, such as full freight tracking capabilities, advanced shop floor control and optimized picking, packing and shipping, then megaTrak™ is the product for you.

If you have already been using our qwikWare™ products then ask about upgrade options to megaWare™ products.

Advanced Configuration Capabilities in VSE™

Along with the advanced capabilities in our full Warehouse Management System (WMS), megaTrak™, we also offer advanced configuration ability for businesses that have growing and changing business needs as well as more complex tracking. While the basic tasks of every warehouse are the same, we know that every company runs their warehouses a little different. megaWare™ products, through the use of VSE™ (Vertical Software Engine) and our megaConfig™ module, provide ultimate flexibility in business rules, product flow logic, picking, packing, replenishment, etc.

At CSoft, we believe in "process before software", and can make that a reality for you through our advanced configuration capabilities through VSE™.