qwikTrak™ Warehouse Management System (WMS)

qwikTrak WMS™ is our Warehouse Management System (WMS) for those who have basic warehouse needs and want to get the benefits of a warehouse management system. qwikTrak™ is not just a "barcode system" (see the VSE™ Advantage page for discussion on this), it is a basic management system that will drive your organization moving toward driving accuracy and process improvement in the warehouse while providing real-time information. Also, qwikTrak™ offers an upgrade path to megaTrak™, CSoft's more robust WMS system. If you are looking for a good starter WMS package, take a look into our link below for more information about qwikTrak™.

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qwikAsset™ Asset Management System (Available in v.3.0 (January, 2014))

qwikAsset™ is our Asset Management System (WMS) for those who have Asset tracking needs in your organization. With qwikAsset™, you can track the location and movement of your assets within your organization. qwikAsset™ offers configurable "attribute" fields that allow you to define the exact nature of the data you want to track concerning your assets: whether it be serial numbers, maintenance dates, manufacturers, CPU speed...basically anything you define. Basically, the fields you define in the configuration will be available to you on both the PC Application as well as the Mobile Computer. qwikAsset™ also attaches to popular accounting programs so you can interface information such as quantities, locations and attributes so you can properly report assets and manage depreciation schedules.

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qwikTrak™ Configuration Tool (Available in v.3.0 (Q4, 2013))

qwikTrak Configuration Tool™ is our system configuration tool that allows system administrators and select users configure qwikWare™ products to meet business needs. The configuration ability in qwikWare™ products is a "starter" version of configuration toolset found in the larger megaWare™ products, but includes configuration ability for queries, reports and labels. For those starting out in warehouse management or if your configuration needs are not overly complex, qwikTrak™ Configuration Tool will cover your customization and configuration needs.

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qwikTrak™ Cloud Application (Available in v.3.0 (January, 2015))

qwikTrak Cloud™ is our cloud application for small retailers, e-tailors and small warehouses.  It will be sold on a subscription basis and interface with QuickBooks Online / QuickBooks.  More information for this to come in 2013.

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