qwikWare™ Overview

  • Engine Based with VSE™ Light
  • Configurable Reports
  • Configurable Queries
  • Configurable Labels
  • Upgrade Path to megaTrak™
  • Access or SQL Database Options

qwikWare™ Modules

  • qwikTrak™ WMS
  • qwikAsset™ Asset Management
  • qwikWeb™ Reporting Tool
  • qwikConfig™ System Configuration

qwikWare™ Introduction

Are you considering ways to meet your tracking needs with mobile computing? Do you want to increase the speed, accuracy and availability of the data you need to run your daily operations? Welcome to the qwikWare™ Application Suite of products from Csoft...a suite of configurable tracking products that are designed to increase your company's productivity by improving accuracy of your data collection.

The qwikWare™ approach provides great flexibility at a reasonable price and helps you automate your tracking needs without the normal constraints of traditional tracking software while achieving high performance and ease of use. qwikWare™ applications are designed to grow with your company's changing needs as our software modules are very configurable and run on all versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

qwikWare™ applications also allow you to choose from a list of handheld devices that support both batch and real-time RF data capture. Contact us today so we can help you make your business more efficient with qwikWare™ products from Csoft.

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qwikWare™ Modules

qwikWare™ modules are meant to work both independent of each other as well as in tandem. qwikWare™ is designed to help a small to mid-sized business get started with warehouse management and asset tracking. qwikWeb™ provides some basic query ability for both internal use as well as for clients. qwikTrak Configuration™ allows some basic configuration ability for reports, queries and barcode / shipping labels.

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