Warehouse Management

  • Process Improvement
  • Inventory Controls
  • Grows with Business
  • Drives Accuracy
  • Configurable and Engine Based
  • Enhances ERP / Accounting Functionality
  • Ehanced data visibility
  • Super Fast Implementation

Barcode Systems

  • Focused on Data Collection
  • Somewhat Rigid
  • Not engine based
  • Usually tied to ERP / Accounting System capabilities
  • Minimal data feedback for process improvement

Warehouse Management vs. Barcode Systems

Many times warehouse management is confused with barcode systems. While barcoding and automated data collection are a big part of warehouse management, they are only the method of data collection. Typically, data collection systems (or barcode systems) are designed to extend the input of data into the ERP and/or accounting systems, while warehouse management is designed to drive process improvement, tighter controls, inventory and shipping accuracy as well as advanced reporting for a better view of the activity in the warehouse.

Because some companies cannot afford some of the more complex software and services in a full blown warehouse management system, we at CSoft offer a "stepping stone" to move into warehouse management. This allows a company who has less complex initial tracking needs to choose a warehouse management system over a barcode system and still have the ability to upgrade to a full blown warehouse management system later. If you know that you will not ever need the functionality that warehouse management offers, a simple barcode system would be more suitable for your needs and we would be happy to refer you to one of our partners that offer those products.

Starter Version provides upgrade path...

In offering a basic version of our full Warehouse Management System (WMS), qwikTrak™, we give customers the ability to get a start on warehouse management now and upgrade later as complexity increases or budget allows. We offer a full upgrade path for those customers wanting warehouse management so you don't need to purchase a barcode system and then end up scrapping it completely when more robust automation is needed later. qwikTrak™ screens and application functionality match megaTrak™ (where applicable) so in purchasing qwikTrak™ you don't waste your investment in training and software. When your tracking needs increase and your business grows, CSoft will grow with you and your business by offering you our more advanced tracking package, megaTrak™ at an upgrade price.