qwikTrak™ Highlights

  • Supports Multiple Mobile Platforms
  • Customizable Queries
  • Customizable Labels
  • Customizable Reports

qwikTrak™ Features

  • Basic Inventory Movements
  • Multi-warehouse and location tracking
  • Cycle Counts
  • Directed Picking
  • Directed and/or Random Putaways
  • Basic Job Tracking
  • Lot and Serial Tracking
  • Full Receiving Module
  • Freight system Links

qwikTrak™ Product Description

qwikTrak™ is a configurable, affordable and scalable Warehouse Management System (WMS) for small to mid-size businesses. qwikTrak™ integrates with Symbol and Windows Mobile devices in batch, radio-frequency and RFID configurations. With qwikTrak™ you can manage multiple warehouses, locations and bins, over 100 fields of item attributes, lots/serials, UPC Codes, and much more. qwikTrak™ supports all of the basic transactions in warehouse management: Receipts, Shipments, Adjustments, Stock Transfers, Cycle Counts and Picking, while providing a detailed transaction history log for reporting and traceability. qwikTrak™ allows flexibility in barcode label design by integrating to popular barcode printing software packages such as Bar Tender and Loftware. qwikTrak™ can meet most basic warehouse management tracking needs...and if something a little more powerful is needed CSoft can provide an upgrade path to it's more robust WMS product, megaTrak™.

qwikTrak™ Features

qwikTrak™ supports all the basic inventory transactions such as Adjustments, Inventory Receipts, Expense Issues, Material Moves and Transfers.

qwikTrak™ provides multi-warehouse, multi-location tracking.

Along with the basic transactions, qwikTrak™ supports Cycle count scheduling, setup and execution so you can setup a regular cycle count program. You can count by Item, Location, Warehouse and keep a complete record of counts.

qwikTrak™ also provides directed Picking and Putaways. Picks and Putaways can also be setup to be non-directed, or random.

qwikTrak™ provides basic Job tracking including Job Receipts and basic material issues. For more robust WIP tracking, take look at our full Shop Floor Data collection product, megaTrak MES™.

qwikTrak™ supports both Lot and Serial tracking in a multi-warehouse, multi-location format.

qwikTrak™ provides robust functionality for receiving. You can receive by purchase orderor apply miscellaneous receipts by using either the hand-held or PC. It is common that our customers also like to print product labels on receipt item, serial and lot information as needed.

For more information, click on the link below and you will be provided with a PDF of our qwikTrak™ product.
qwikTrak™ Product Information