Proposal and Planning

Main Tasks
  • Deliver Proposal
  • Plan Project

Proposal Tasks

  • Response to RFP
  • Initial Requirements Meeting
  • Product Demonstration
  • Initial Quote
  • Secondary Meeting
  • Final Proposal

Planning Tasks

  • Project Charter
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Plan
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Project Notebook
  • Phase 1 Acceptance Criteria


The proposal is a document resulting from Csoft sales and support dialogue with the you, the Customer, that sets out the commercial terms of the project, provides a description of the components that make up the deliverables, and provides costs and options available to the customer.

This proposal can be a result of an RPF (Request for Proposal), communication through one of our resellers or simply by contacting our sales department directly. Because we work through our "channel" almost exclusively we will many times have you work through one of our resellers to start the relationship with local support on the project.

If you should choose us as your vendor, a Purchase Order must be placed after the proposal has been accepted to commence the project. At this time, a Project Manager is assigned within CSoft who is responsible for managing all aspects of the project through to system delivery. Once a Purchase Order has been received, any changes must be formally notified through a change control procedure aimed at controlling costs and preventing misinterpretations.

Phase 1 - Planning

The Planning Phase answers the question, "How will the project be executed and managed?" This is where the project manager and/or project lead lays the foundation for the project. When a project is started, we either have an online or onsite meeting to setup the project structure, plan, identify risks and engage stakeholders. This is started by setting a Project Charter, which is a high level description of the project. This is followed by a Responsibility Matrix, which is designed to give roles and responsibilities to all project participants and stakeholders. The software implementation will never be deemed a "success" at this stage but it sure can fail at this stage. One of the largest mistakes made on an implementation is to rush into a software project without the proper planning foundation, so we at CSoft make sure that this first phase is properly completed and the project is set on a proper foundation for success.