Main Tasks
  • Document Existing System Functions
  • Document System Requirements

Existing Systems

  • Replacement Systems
  • Interface Systems

Requirements Tasks

  • Requirements Definition Document
  • Logical Data Model
  • Logical Process Model
  • Current System Assessment
  • Phase 2 Acceptance Criteria

Existing Systems

During the Requirements phase, one of the major items that needs to be documented and understood are any existing systems that CSoft's products will be replacing and/or interfacing to. All to often, in this phase of the project the vendor either focuses to much on how things are being done now or too much on how the new system will function. Both of these methods are in error and a balance needs to be struck so that all systems and processes that are currently being done are captured.

Phase 2 - Requirements

The Requirements Phase answers the question, "What is the Problem?". This problem will be from the customer's perspective so we can gain an understanding of what the problem is and document it. This helps when implementing CSoft products, whether it be megaTrak or qwikTrak, in that we understand what we will have to do to in the forms of system configuration to solve the problem. Because we at CSoft look at your process before the software, this phase is extremely important to get the correct understanding so we can identify both competitive advantage in your process as well as areas we can be a catalyst for change.