Functional Design

Main Tasks
  • Functional Specification
  • Visual Prototype


  • Done easily with VSE
  • Defined during JAD Sessions

Functional Design Tasks

  • Functional Speccification Document
  • Prototype
  • Training Requirements
  • Data Conversion Requirements
  • Data Interface Requirements
  • Phase 3 Acceptance Criteria


Many systems to not have the inherent ability to prototype and communicate requirements in a working system design. Because CSoft products use a configuration engine with VSE™, we have the ability to show the "look and feel" of an application in the design phase. In fact, we use this phase of the project to set the groundwork of how the application is going to look and work. We work with you through JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions to clearly define the application and document it so the design is built on a solid foundation of our product and your input.

Phase 3 - Functional Design

The Requirements Phase answers the question, "What is the Solution?". The "problem" has already been defined in Phase 2 of the project and now it is time to define how we will solve the problem. Of course, our solutions are focused on solving operational issues in the warehouse such as inventory and shipping accuracy problems, data visibility and general process improvement. Due to the fact that we are so focused on the warehouse solutions, we have a lot of experience to draw upon as we line out what the solution will be for your company. The sum result of our findings will be included in a Functional Design document.