Infrastracture Design

Main Tasks
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Procure Hardware and 3rd Party Software

Harware Procurement

  • Flexibility of Vendor
  • Completed before test phase

Infrastructure Tasks

  • Server Specifications
  • Access Point Selection
  • Site Survey
  • Mobile Computer Selection
  • Scanner Selection
  • Printer Selection
  • 3rd Party Software
  • Phase 4 Acceptance Criteria

Hardware Procurement

At CSoft we have an "open vendor" purchasing policy. That means we give you the specifications and allow you to choose your mobile computing hardware vendor. Because many of the mobile hardware vendors get such excellent prices selling over the internet we want to pass that cost savings on to you. We do focus on Symbol / Motorola hardware but will work with existing hardware where needed.

Phase 4 - Infrastructure Design

The Infrastructure Design phase focuses on getting the right wireless network in place as well as all the hardware and software components necessary to successfully implement the system. We have several partners that we work with to give a local presence if you need assistance with installation as well as hardware procurement.