System Configuration

Main Tasks
  • System Configuration
  • Custom Coding

Custom Coding

  • Rarely Needed
  • If needed, done in VB.NET or C#

Configuration Tasks

  • System Configuration
  • Business Rules Setup
  • Data Conversion
  • Custom Development
  • Setup Test Environment
  • Setup Test Plans
  • Setup Test Acceptance
  • Phase 5 Acceptance Criteria

Configuration vs. Coding

At CSoft we usually do not have to write custom software code to implement your solution. Through our configuration tool which has extreme flexibility, largely due to the capabilities in VSE™, we can usually configure your business rules for the implementation without extra coding. Our unique engine approach to software allows us to focus on your business process and not spending a lot of time writing custom code. If there is a very special instance where this happens, we will code the solution in a Microsoft.NET language such as VB.NET or C#.

Phase 5 - Configuration

Having taken the time to document your requirements and design, the configuration phase of the project becomes simply following the script that was setup through the previous phases. The reason we take the time to understand your process first is for the simple reason that once we do understand the process we can either help with improving the process or match the the software to the process. Because of the power of our software engine (VSE) we don't force you into the mold of a "canned" software package but can take your competitive advantage and systematize that advantage.