System Implementation

Main Tasks
  • User Training
  • Go Live!
  • Finalize Support Agreement

Support Agreements

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Support Plan
  • Software Maintenance
  • Annual License Setup

Testing Phase Tasks

  • User Training
  • Production System
  • Production Data Delivered
  • Operations Manuals
  • Problem Escalation
  • Change Control Procedures
  • Project Post Mortem
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Phase 7 Acceptance Criteria

Go Live! Support

One of the most stressful times on a project is the moment the system is "turned on" and used in production. This is an intense time in any implementation and requires skill, experience and the ability to handle issues quickly. Having been through many implementations we are prepared to handle the phase of the project and are with you onsite to guide the installation. Even the most well planned out implementation has problems to work through and during that time you need a system vendor that can "keep their cool", focus on the issues and work through initial problems. We at CSoft are that vendor...and our customers will tell you that we are very good at Go Live! support and general production support.

We firmly believe that no system should be put into production until it's been fully tested, signed off and works as advertised as defined in the requirements and design. That said we help plan this phase out during the project, as well as test along the way, so when we reach this very important phase it's not cut short.

Phase 7 - System Implementation

The Implementation phase of the project answers the question, "Can the customer use the solution?". At the end of the day the solution delivered has to be usable in the production environment. This includes many factors: the matching of the business process to the software, the training of the users, the ease of use of the configuration and how well the escalation path has been setup when resolving problems. Again, CSoft is more than a software company, we believe in delivering a solution that best fits your business practice while improving it where we can.

Once the implementation is complete, in the spirit of wanting to build a long term relationship, we will schedule a project Post Mortem to see where we did well and where we can improve. We firmly believe that continual improvement in our relationship will will happen as long as we keep an open line of honest communication. Most projects and business relationships fail as a result of bad or non-existant communication so we set it up from the first part of the project all the way through Go Live! and continuing support to communicate well and often.