The VSE™ Advantage

Application Suites
  • megaWare™ Application Suite
  • qwikWare™ Application Suite

megaWare™ Application Suite

  • Ultimate Configurability
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • No Version Lock
  • All Customers benefit from Maintenance
  • Low Price per function
  • Scalable by Module
  • Fast Implementation (8-12 Weeks)

qwikWare™ Application Suite

  • Basic Configurability
  • Low Cost
  • No Version Lock
  • Low Support
  • Low Price per function
  • Offers growth path
  • Quick Implementation (4-6 Weeks)

VSE for megaWare™ and qwikWare™ Applications

VSE™, or Vertical Software Engine, from CSoft offers customers what normal, traditional software packages can't offer...a flexible software application suite that grows with your business. Because we do not force your business into a rigid software application, we are able to work with you and your business to deliver a solution that best fits your business. That's not to say we don't take our experiences and offer suggestions on improvement, or just come into a project and say "what do you want?" without offering guidance...but when we do need to set a process that matches your business, we have the ability to do so because our software platform does not lock us down. Why? Because we are "engine" based and can configure what's necessary into your solution without having to write custom code 95% of the time. And when we do need to write custom code, we have a complete scripting engine that utilizes both JScript and VBScript if it's easy, and connectors if you want to incorporate a .NET Assembly / Object.

At the end of the day this translates into many benefits not normally enjoyed by companies who have purchased enterprise software. For one, if we give you the power to configure, once you have been trained and the system is implemented, there is a lower cost of ownership for your Information Technology group. If you need CSoft to support your efforts, there is a lower cost of ownership for professional services because we will be changing configuration parameters vs. writing custom programs. In every case, if there is configuration or customization it stays current with the software engine so that we don't "version lock" your customizations.

What we are building for our customers is competitive advantage through software. That means that when VSE™ is given more capabilities in each software upgrade, all customers who are on Software Maintenance will receive those benefits. This allows us to continue to build on our already low price per function by creating new functions through each new configuration. Because we are engine based, we can create new functions from existing just through configuration where traditional software has to program those functions. VSE™ gives the framework to do that through it's many different modules.

An improvement we have made in our new 3.0 VSE engine is the ability to use pre-configurations for fast implementations.  This allows us to keep the power of a configurable system but with a starting point for customers.  Even using these preconfigurations in our current version has cut our implementation times down dramatically.

For those customers who just want to start with minimal configurability and a lower cost, qwikWare™ products can give you a start into the "enginized" software world. We offer an upgrade path to megaWare™ products as your needs grow.